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When you decided to work for yourself, you knew that it would take incredibly hard work and long hours to pursue your dream.  Your Capital Street Advisor is a business owner too, who shares your passion for building a business and making it thrive.

You care about your family, your customers and your employees.  You excel at what it takes to run your business.  However often times, there are requirements that take you away from your core responsibilities.  Many of these important requirements can be managed by your advisor team, including insurance, benefits, accounting, tax and legal services.

Your Capital Street Advisor can provide help coordinating and implementing several of these important requirements.  We can help you evaluate your benefit plan to make sure you are served by the best available benefit plan providers and that your employees are well informed about their benefit package.

There are benefit plans many small employers do not provide, believing the cost is too great.  We can help you evaluate a comprehensive benefits package and break down the costs and benefits to help your recruit and retain quality employees.

Business Planning Process

Step 1: Understanding Your Business' Goals and Objectives

At this first meeting, we will discuss your business and the unique challenges your business and its industry face. There is no obligation to move forward and no charge for this meeting.   

Step 2: Developing an Asset Allocation Strategy

Next, we will collect additional material needed and preform the research that is needed to find affordable solutions for your business. From this we create a draft plan that we will discuss at the second meeting.  At that meeting, we will discuss your acquisition preference and/or your exit plan. We will incorporate your personal needs as well including; when you would like to retire, at what income level, while accounting for variables that are likely to affect your financial security in retirement, like taxes, inflation, government fiscal and monetary policy, investment markets and your health. If you are curious about any other type of investment, policy, or asset that you own, feel free to bring it up.

Step 3: Recommendation and Implementation

At the third meeting, we will go over the plan outputs as well as the detailed executive summary with recommendations. This version will create a benchmark against which to compare possible results in future years. This process helps make the projections more accurate over time.

Step 4: Review 

We will establish a regular review cycle to explore developments which may affect your plan, and ensure you and your business are on-track to realize the desired financial goals.

Strategies for your Small Business

Strategies for your Small Business

Whether your desire is assistance in creating the financial section for your business plan or finding insurance that protects you and your employees, our advisors are here for you.

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