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Public Employees

When you made the decision to work in the public sector, you entered a career of service different from the private sector.  Capital Street has been providing financial services for public sector employees for decades. 

Our representatives are well-versed in the benefits package of public employees, a key constituency among our client base.  For decades, we have helped our public employee clients fully utilize their benefit array and successfully plan for retirement.

Through our customized public employee financial literacy curriculum, we provide ongoing education on topics designed to improve financial independence and retirement security.

We are also the writing and service agents for the MAPE Group Medicare Retiree Plan.  This plan, with several coverage models, is designed to offer members and their families additional choices and resources for supplemental coverage that fills the gaps of basic Medicare.

Group Medicare Retiree Plans

Group Medicare Retiree Plans

We are pleased to announce that, in partnership with MAPE, we are offering a voluntary Group Medicare Retiree Plan through Medica, a Minnesota non-profit health care provider, to our Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible spouses. This benefit will also be available to parents of MAPE members and their spouses’ parents.