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Financial Solutions

Our Financial Advisors will help you build a plan focused on your personal financial goals, using an inventory of current assets and assessment of desires and goals, aided by computer analysis.

In your individual financial reviews, you will work closely with an experienced advisor who will counsel you in ways to:

  • Prepare a budget to help manage cash flow.
  • Accumulate funds to help put the kids through college.
  • Make sure the family is taken care of in the event of an untimely death.
  • Take steps to guard against a disability.
  • Find a way to defer or reduce tax liabilities.
  • Get ready to retire in comfort.

We use an easy, six-step approach to help assess your present financial situation and identify your individual wants and goals, so you can begin the process of establishing a personal financial strategy.

Step 1: Discover. Completion of a simple financial questionnaire produces a snapshot of how your money is working now.

Step 2: Analyze. A computer analysis of your financial data offers a more clear picture of your current situation.

Step 3: Prioritize. We work with you to help identify individual goals and priorities.

Step 4: Offer Possible Solutions. Financial options, matched to your personal goals and situation, are suggested.

Step 5: Implement. You decide upon a financial vision for the future, and a personal strategy is set in motion.

Step 6: Review. An annual review helps make sure your financial strategy remains on track.

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