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Keeping the Farm in the Family

Keeping the Farm in the Family

March 01, 2024

From the time my ancestors landed in Minnesota, from Germany, Bohemia, and Ireland, and long before then, our family has been farming. Most of those farms are long-gone, along with that way of life. All of the relatives in my generation have moved from the farms to careers in metro areas.

Some of those farms were sold to other farmers and some, closer to towns, were sold for residential development. As I observed that process of our family moving away from farming, I resolved to maintain farm ownership in my immediate family.

It was many years of searching and saving before my wife and I could afford a place of our own. My career has always been helping others with financial and legacy planning, so my goal was not to make a living as a farmer.

I was able to reach the goal of owning productive farm land that can stay in the family, and to work closely with an experienced operator who can help me be a steward of the land. Doing so was a financial challenge. Keeping it in the family for the next generation is also a challenge.

Because of this connection to farming, and with my business experience, I enjoy the opportunity to help farmers with their legacy planning needs. My office is in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our farm is in Goodhue County. One of my great joys is to drive in farm country. If you would like a consultation to see if our Legacy Planning Services could help you and your family, we should talk.

You can schedule an initial telephone or video meeting with me. There is no obligation for an initial consultation. If, after that meeting, you would like to explore your choices and needs further, we can arrange a more in-depth planning meeting. It is after a second meeting that we would determine if our firm can assist you. Only at that point, would we engage for fee for services.

You can use the contact information below to schedule a meeting. I look forward to seeing if our firm and my team can assist you. Thank you for your consideration.

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