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Farm Legacy Planning

Farm Legacy Planning

February 21, 2024

You have been managing the family farm for years.  The final harvest is almost in.  Your family experienced many challenges to get to this point.  Now is the time to make sure your succession plan is in place.

You have always known that there are many variables in farming you cannot control.  However, you can direct what happens next.  We would like to encourage you to discuss with our team what you can do to protect your legacy.

I can be reached at 651-665-4300.  You can also arrange for a phone or video call on the scheduling link below.  

This first meeting is designed to learn about your unique situation and see if we can help.  There is no obligation or future expectation.  If, after this initial consultation, you determine that our planning and implementation process would work for you, we can discuss next steps.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain with one phone call.  

Click HERE to schedule a meeting or feel free to send me an email at