Minnesota Government Engineering Council & Minnesota Association for Professional Development Financ

The Minnesota Government Engineering Council & The Minnesota Association for Professional Development, in conjunction with Capital Street Financial Services, Inc., is offering unique seminars designed to help you achieve financial security.

Our goal is to provide innovative ideas to help you maximize the use of your employer provided benefits. We want to increase awareness of those issues that have the greatest potential impact on your financial security.

Social InSecurity? - Securing Your Retirement 

Most of us are familiar with Social Security, but can you confidently select which option will maximize your benefit?

This decision is different for every situation and depends on a variety of factors; your health, your savings, when you stop working, whether you are married, single and more.  Since the inception of the Social Security program, it has provided a safety net and source of reliable income for retired workers, their spouses and dependents.  However, with the current economic environment and the recent challenges facing the Social Security program, it is more important than ever to understand how the program works, what benefit options are available, and the role it may or may not play in your financial future.  This course is designed to help you better understand Social Security benefit options and the significant impact this decision has on your retirement income.

Topics discussed in this course will include:

  • Importance of planning for longevity
  • Working while collecting Social Security
  • Reduced, full and increased benefit options
  • Strategies to maximize your Social Security benefit

This course will explore these topics and many more.  Upon completion, you will be better prepared to confidently answer which benefit option is best for you!

Which Two-Part Course is Right For You?
Passport to Retirement  
Do you know when you can afford to retire? Can you answer that question with confidence, or does it lead to more questions?  This course will help you answer these questions and many more, including:
  • What are the risks to be aware of in retirement?
  • What investment strategies should I consider during retirement?
  • How does long-term care insurance work?
  • What can I expect from Medicare and Social Security?
  • What issues relate to my legacy and to my heirs?
This course will explore these issues and many more. Upon completion, you may be better equipped to create your retirement plan and to evaluate factors that will affect it.
The Complete Financial Management Workshop
This course will cover the basics – the fundamentals that every individual needs to know in order to be more successful in achieving financial goals. There are no gimmicks to achieving wealth and financial security. This course will not offer trendy ideas, only fundamental strategies. The topics we will cover are:
  • Developing a financial plan
  • Creating a will
  • Establishing a foundation of cash and insurance
  • Getting started early and accumulating money systematically
  • Exploring how to help minimize the impact of income taxes
  • Utilizing strategies which can help balance risk and return
  • Building a portfolio which matches your personal risk profile