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MAPE Medicare Plan






MAPE is pleased to announce that we are offering a voluntary Group Medicare Retiree Plan through Medica, a Minnesota non-profit health care provider, to our Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible spouses.  This benefit will also be available to parents of MAPE members and their spouse’s parents.

Key advantages of the plan are:

  • More Choices- As an alternative to the plans offered by the State, MAPE is offering plans with lower premium cost and a choice of a comprehensive plan that will cover more out of pocket expenses, including a cap on prescription drug costs.
  • Flexibility – Participants will be able to customize coverage needs to their individual circumstances.
  • Dedicated Service Team – Medica has assigned service representatives trained to answer questions about all of your Medica Medicare options.  In addition, Capital Street Financial  Services advisors will help you navigate the complexities of Medicare and make sense of your choices.
  •  The Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, in conjunction with Capital Street Financial Services, Inc., is offering informational seminars designed to help you understand the new Medicare-Eligible Health Plan Options.

For additional information you can access the following links:

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